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        Samus Aran by link theguy by EichDee by the-tg-tfs-princess

A request for :iconagentaaa:

by tg-tfs 

written on may 30th, 2014 (just so you guys know) i thought this would never get finished.

    well, were do i begin. The infection began almost a year ago today. The year was 2016. It was the next phase of the alien invasion. this is know as operation AAA. (warning their is no mental modification in this for once lol).

    Ridley was a boy who lived in the small little city of Greensville. It was a quiet little town. peaceful and calm. That was his way of

describing the city. that was until one day on September 5th, 2016. On that day, Young Ridley decided he wanted to go somewhere in his

life. Ridley saw a Giant Blue rock in the Sky, plundering towards earth. It pounded the ground and Ridley went to go and check it out. It

was an escape pod of some kind. He pressed some kind of red button, and the hatch opened up. What he saw inside was even more

shocking. "HE--LP me" Said a young woman inside. "How?" asked Ridley. The girl smiled and dissipated into thin air. "what the hell did i

just see?" Said Ridley, then he began to feel pain.        

    His body began to morph, as his body hair dissipated from his body. The skin grew smooth and soft, as the cold fall wind blew over it.

His feet shrunk and became a woman's' 5. His arms began to grow stronger, gaining muscle mass. Ridley was an average 5'7, and he

began to shrink and shrink becoming 5'0 exactly. His theighs began to expand, becoming fat, juicy legs. He blushed as his ass expanded,

breaking the pair of shorts he was wearing and naked. The next stage of the transformation would involve Reproductive organs.

    Ridlys' Dick began to suck into his body, and he moaned from the pleasure it gave him. It climaxed with a massive *POP!!* and He

climaxed as a guy for the last time, as thoughts of female pleasure entered her head. Ridley felt what was happening, as a Fallopian tube

began to form and overies made their way in 100s and racks upon racks. She could now reproduce as a girl. Her nipples began to get

super sensitive, as two D cups sprouted their way onto her chest, Conforming she was now a girl. 

    Blonde, long hair sprouted from her head and formed a ponytail. Her face morphed itself into that of a female, her nose shrank and

her lips puffed out. "Oh god this feels so good". She said as her voice raised in pitch, causing her atoms' apple to shrink to nothingness.

The girl was now complete, but she was still ass naked. A blue latex suit appeared from the ship, and she put it on. Also with the suit was

a sexy pair of blue high heels. She tripped in them at first but got the hang of it. "This is going to be fun" She said.
a request from :icontripleaaa: made almost a year ago. never thought i would finish it anyway enjoy :D
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khajiitlover31 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
It's stated in cannon that Samus is over 6ft
iProGamer2 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Student Writer
So cute.
agentaaa Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Student Writer
woah, great job on this ^^
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Great samus transformation.
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